What the critics are saying...

On The Secret Garden

"Mittelman, pulling a Yorkshire accent and showing off her outstanding vocals, is especially impressive."
                     - Holly Quinn, Delaware Online. 
"And Tori Mittelman and Anthony Connell, as a spunky maid (Martha) and her benevolent brother (Dickon), sing superbly during “If I Had a Fine White Horse” and “Hold On” and “Winter’s on the Wing,” and they both give the show a burst of energy and good spirits. They’re delightful."

                 - Tim Dunleavy, DC Metro Theatre Arts

On Animal Farm

"Without masks, they contort themselves by gait, posture, tone, and expression into pigs (Michelle Pauls and Tori Mittelman, both brilliant)..." 
"These six actors craft stunning physical performances in a staging I can only describe as terrifying, as Pauls and Mittelman turn a once-freedom-seeking revolution into a brutal police state."
                   - Jim Rutter, The Inquirer
"...Mittelman's placid, smiling face in these instances acts as an obstinate shield against insight. She manages to generate fascination in Napoleon's motives and machinations, showing just enough humanity (that is, pigness) to keep us wanting more." 
                  - Julius Ferraro, Phindie
"Tori Mittelman's performance of the revolt leader Napoleon has a clear through line and development that drives the show entirely..." 
                  - Rachel Beecher, DC Metro Theatre Arts

On Steel Magnolias: 

"Tori Mittelman’s Annelle probably goes through the biggest transformation during the show and Mittelman brings about the gradual changes with subtlety." 
                     -Christina Perryman, Deleware County News Network

On Lafferty's Wake:

"Multi-faceted Mittelman drawing laughs in 'Lafferty’s Wake' " (Read full article here
                      -Joseph Myers, South Philly Review